The Thought of Nietzsche: An Oeuvre for the Higher Man




Shidid, Marc

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This thesis attempts to demonstrate that Nietzsche’s ideas can be interpreted cohesively, exemplified through the central concept of the higher man. Nietzsche believes the ultimate goal of human civilization to be the production of great individuals – those who can expand the boundaries of human excellence. Thus, Nietzsche’s philosophy represents his attempt to educate the higher man and to facilitate his ascension to greatness. He prepares specific qualities, like those of untimeliness and self-loyalty, specific tasks, like value-creation and becoming whole, and essential dispositions, like the complete affirmation of life, which will constitute the higher man’s path to realizing his greatest potential. By exploring Nietzsche’s prescriptions to the higher man, we uncover the overarching unity of his ideas and ultimately the nature of Nietzsche’s own values.



Authenticity., The Task of Philosophy., Morality., The Übermensch and Becoming Whole., The Affirmation of Life.