Understanding the effects of high altitude electromagnetic pulse on the US power grid by creating a power grid model and analyzing transformer susceptibility.


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The purpose of this thesis is to address two topics in understanding the effects of high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) E3 by determining the latitude and longitude of loadflow buses, and analyzing transformers as the largest risk. This paper will outline the methods used to create a geographic grid model based on the Texas grid. Latitude and longitude values were found for 5000 buses in a grid. Each pair of latitude and longitudes was taken and plotted using Google Earth to verify the locations. With this data a model for the grid was created for a HEMP simulation program. This paper will also cover the analysis of a high voltage (HV) transformer during a HEMP E3 test. This provides an understanding of how harmonics created by HEMP E3 effect the transformer based on loading and the amount of geomagnetically induce current (GIC) into the transformer.



Electrical engineering. High altitude electromagnetic pulse. HEMP. Geomagnetic disturbance. GMD. Geomagnetically induced currents. GIC.