The credit recovery high school : who are the students and why are they there?

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Academic success is the most essential aspect of a student's life. Consistent low performance or failure may lead to a student being at risk for not graduating from high school. Factors such as unstable family structure and low family income among many others contribute largely to a student’s at risk status. Credit recovery is one of the programs enacted to help increase graduation rates among students. The present study examines who the students in credit recovery high schools are and why they are there. The sample for this study consisted of students and staff members of a credit recovery high school. Interviews and surveys were used as the primary means of data collection. Among the students enrolled, Hispanic was the most largely represented race followed by African American. Results indicated that students are enrolled in a credit recovery school due to variety of reasons as stipulated such as poor attendance, family structure, and family income.This type of education is vital in reducing high school dropout rates in our society. Therefore, viewpoint of students enrolled in a credit recovery high school is essential in order to bring focus to the program’s strengths.

Credit recovery high school.