Religious Commitment, Religious Support, and Need Satisfaction: A Correlational Study




King, Emma

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This study examined the connection between religious commitment, religious support, and need satisfaction (according to Maslow’s hierarchy and Self-Determination Theory). Participants in this study were American college students at Baylor University (n = 135) and American adults recruited through Amazon’s mTurk (n = 303). Participants completed an online survey with measures of religiosity, religious commitment, religious support, intellectual humility, impression management, esteem need satisfaction, belongingness need satisfaction, and self-actualization need satisfaction. Correlation analyses revealed that religious commitment is correlated with both religious support and need satisfaction. Religious support is also correlated with need satisfaction. Mediation analyses confirmed that, for this set of data, religious commitment positively correlates with satisfied needs only through the effect of religious support. Results from this study can be used to further research components of religion and practices for religious counseling. Keywords: religion, commitment, support, need, satisfaction



Religion., Social support., Need satisfaction.