Straight, White Teeth: How Social Media Has Impacted The Beauty Standard In Dentistry




Nayaz, Fawziyah

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Straight, white teeth have become ingrained in American society as an expected social norm regardless of age, class, or social status. Its position in society has transcended into an unspoken requirement, due to the efforts of social media, as it represents beauty, the upper echelon, and affluence. Although the rise of social media seems to be a recent phenomenon, the aesthetic standard in dentistry is a concept that has existed since the Stone Age of civilization. The global nature of social media allows for a collaborative environment for ideas such as having straight, white teeth to become the standard of beauty. My research includes interviewing general dentists and orthodontists on a range of questions pertaining to this topic and an in-depth analysis of their responses. I identify how major underlying themes such as World War II, the rise of the middle class, cultural imperialism, and internet culture have allowed for social media to influence the aesthetic standard in dentistry.



Dentistry, Social Media, Beauty Standard, Sociology