Christian Physicalism: A Theological Examination of the Mind-Body Problem




Hall, Grace

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The mind-body problem is a puzzle that philosophers, theologians, and scientists have debated for years, leading to various different ontological doctrines. Two of these doctrines, Physicalism and Dualism, have been at the forefront of Christian thought for the past century. Despite centuries of dualistic influence on Western culture, new discoveries in the field of neuroscience have led to a shift towards Physicalism. Christians now must critically evaluate whether Physicalism is compatible with a Christian worldview. By examining the evidence for Physicalism and Dualism, this thesis determines that it is possible for a Christian to be either a Physicalist or a Dualist, while also providing an additional tool to examine these philosophies: Christological anthropology. Using the writings of Vladimir Lossky, supplemented by Rowan Williams, this thesis examines the tools provided by this comprehensive Christological anthropology in order to help Christians take an informed position on the mind-body problem.



Philosophy, Theological Anthropology