Solving the F/A-18 mission computer virtual memory problem.




Sealey, Adam L.

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The F/A-18 has a mission computer that requires physical memory be mapped into a very limited amount of virtual memory space. As requirements for this aircraft have expanded, the mission computer must perform increasingly complex computations without using any additional virtual memory. The elements required by the computations must be assigned physical and logical addresses in a manner that satisfies a variety of constraints imposed by the system. Determining these addresses is an NP-Complete problem, to which the only known way of finding a solution is exponential-time search. We present a formalization and analysis of the problem, along with an analysis of the feasibility of performing search. Additionally, we explore a variety of incomplete search techniques with the goal of producing an acceptable mapping of elements to addresses that satisfies all constraints within a reasonable amount of time.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 125).


Virtual storage (Computer science), Mappings (Mathematics), Avionics., Airplanes, Military -- Electronic equipment --- United States., Hornet (Jet fighter plane)