Fertility Awareness Knowledge Among College Students: A Review of Literature and Addressing This Knowledge Gap in Undergraduate Students at Baylor University




Trammell, Anne

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A review of published research studies demonstrates insufficient knowledge of college students on the topics of fertility and infertility awareness. Future implications of these knowledge deficits are extensive, from improper use of birth control to infertility due to a delayed attempt at conception. The purpose of this project was to assess the current literature on fertility awareness among college students, identify the main misunderstandings of fertility among undergraduate students at Baylor University, and propose an education protocol to supplement these misunderstandings. A non-experimental, descriptive research design informed the study. The Mu Fertility Knowledge Assessment Scale was used to assess knowledge among Baylor University undergraduate students aged 18-24 years. Data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings showed knowledge deficits among the study subjects that align with previous research. Continuing education is suggested to ensure Baylor University students have sufficient knowledge to begin to make fertility-aware decisions in their adult lives.



Fertility awareness.