Salus Populi Suprema Lex: A Comparison of the Senates and Three Leaders of Ancient Rome, the Repubblica Italiana, and the United States




Gamlen, Brittany

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There are many similarities that exist between the Romanus Senatus (Ancient Roman Senate), the Senato della Repubblica (Italian Senate) and the United States Senate. This thesis examines these similarities to demonstrate that politics across time and geography contain many common themes. Specifically, it analyzes policy work completed by Tribune Tiberius Gracchus of Ancient Rome, Senator Paolo Naccarato of Italy, and Senator Rand Paul of the United States. These three political figures all follow the ideology of progressive conservatism; an ideology that uses conservative ends to achieve progressive means. By implementing legislation that focuses on the individual to promote the community, the three political figures have achieved similar policy goals in their respective countries. The thesis looks at three areas in their work: the role of government, military alliances and foreign policy, and constitutional powers. Perhaps by recognizing these similarities we can gain insight on ways to confront the political challenges our country faces.



Government, Roman History, Senate, Political Science