A Blind Student's Success: A Case Study Examining the Strategies of Teaching STEM Courses to the Blind

Endebrock, Aliya
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Blind or low vision (BLV) individuals have been traditionally discouraged from pursuing a degree in the STEM field. Although steps have been taken to reverse this mindset, the resources available to aid educators in teaching BLV individuals are still lacking at the university level. The aim of this case study is twofold. First, to prove that a BLV student can be successful in challenging STEM courses. Second, to examine the effective strategies and technologies that educators can utilize to teach BLV students. A BLV sophomore student enrolled in both analytical and organic chemistry was interviewed over the course of two semesters to provide insights on the current accessibilities available in pursuing a STEM degree. The rationale behind the use of tactile representations is discussed as well as the accessibilities in the laboratory environment. The findings of this study are used as a point of reference for faculty, student assistants, and future educators paving the way for BLV individuals in the STEM field.