Bilingual educator pathways : a narrative multiple case study exploring linguistic experiences.


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The need for bilingual educators continues to rise for schools across the United States, particularly as student populations become more linguistically diverse. While research indicates favorable outcomes for bilingual education, some scholars point to English-only emphasis and educational policy as partly to blame for the shortage of bilingual teachers. As a result, bilingual education in many schools remains marginalized and devalued compared to mainstreamed classrooms with English-only emphasis. Based on the five tenets of sociocultural theory, this narrative multiple case study highlights avenues that encourage bilingualism from an early age and identifies ways bilingual educators have superseded monolingual norms. The four participants were experienced bilingual educators, and each spoke Spanish in the home as children. Findings include the challenges and supports encountered throughout the participants’ language development, and the ways the participants’ families provided access to biliteracy in Spanish and English.