Otto and Hilde's Journey to Waco, Texas: A Narrative of Migration in the 1930's




Parkinson, Ryan

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This Honor Thesis builds on archival materials at Baylor University, providing a cohesive narrative of the Rosenfeld-Levy family, which offers insights into the migration process during the 1930s. Otto and Hilde Levy-Rosenfeld were a Jewish couple that immigrated to America during Hitler's reign of power and built a rare foods business in Waco. Their story mirrors the pain and discrimination that hundreds of thousands of other Jews faced during this time period. Their immigration into America proved almost impossible until Mr. Mailander, a local rabbi in Waco, sponsored their immigration. Upon arriving in America, the Rosenfeld-Levys relied solely on the help of others as they traveled from New York to Waco, and survived on insufficient jobs until Otto and Hilde opened their grocery store. This store became the O&H Rare Foods store, which attracted people from all over Texas and became a landmark within Waco. They committed their lives to the store, spending 50 years working nonstop until they retired. Their life story provides Waco with a story of success from humble beginnings.



Otto and Hilde Levy-Rosenfeld, O&H Rare Foods, Migration in the 1930s