The Best in the Women's Game: Examining How Success Influences Gender Inequities in College Basketball




Devin, Bailey

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The 2021 Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament brought national attention to the issue of inequity in women’s college sports. However, existing research has proven that disparities between treatment of female and male athletes in terms of financial resources, fan support, and media coverage are longstanding. In this project, I use the Waco Tribune-Herald’s (Trib) coverage of the Baylor Women’s Basketball Team, personnel interviews, Baylor’s Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA) Reports, and data from USA Today’s gender equity study to examine whether success of female athletic programs helps minimize the differences in treatment they receive. My findings suggest that while women’s success in sport helps reduce inequities to an extent, disparities in media coverage and financial resources still exist even among the most successful women’s sports teams. These findings indicate that while women have come a long way toward equity in the 50 years since the passage of Title IX, there is still a long way to go to fully achieve equity in women’s college sports.



College Sports., Gender Inequality.