The Pediatric Inventory for Parents : a systematic review of the psychometric properties and development of a short form.


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The Pediatric Inventory for Parents (PIP) is a measure of pediatric parenting stress. In the present study, a systematic review of the psychometric properties of the PIP was conducted to determine if it was appropriate to create a short-form of the PIP. After this determination, a short-form of the PIP was developed under the Partial Credit Model (PCM). The PIP Short-Form was developed with a sample of fathers of children with type 1 diabetes (n = 251) and consists of 12 items that are each responded to for both frequency and difficulty. The retained items were chosen to reflect the content domains of the original form of the PIP and acceptable item fit under the PCM. The PIP Short-Form may allow health care professionals to more feasibly assess pediatric parenting stress among parents of children with chronic health conditions.



pediatric parenting stress. Pediatric Inventory for Parents. item response theory. short form. systematic review.