Worshiping the Workhorse: Questions I Wish I Would’ve Asked Myself Before Undergrad




Steele, Katie

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This thesis examines various questions surrounding work and leisure which young adults ought to more seriously consider as they sign themselves up for their careers, family lives, and spiritual obligations. The first chapter considers the question “When Did I Stop Reading for Fun?”, and is a call for the modern, technology-ridden culture of the present to sit down and enjoy quality literature. The second chapter reflects on the question “Why am I Underworking?” and works to unmask common lies of the individual who avoids their workload, and considers valuable truths in combating those lies. The third chapter answers a similar, and yet entirely distinct question: “Why am I Overworking?”. This chapter works to encourage young adults who find themselves in oceans of overcommitments to develop freedom from perfectionism, and the confidence to reprioritize their involvements. The fourth chapter poses the final question of “Who is My Comparison Figure?” and invites readers to reflect on how a spirit of unproductive comparison can rob them of joy in all seasons of life – not just the present one.



Work., Leisure., Comparison., College., Culture., Reading., Technology.