The Grafted Culture: An Autobiographical Insight into MK Life

Watson, Hannah Camille
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This creative thesis is an autobiographical memoir of my life growing up as a Missionary Kid (MK) in Ukraine, Russia, Oregon, and Germany. The purpose of this project was trifold: first, to introduce the reader to the culture of MK's, uniquely shaped by our parents' culture and the cultures we grow up in; two, to showcase how the unique cultural experiences of all MK's affects our fundamental concept of identity, sense of belonging, and what it means to be human; and three, to demonstrate both the benefits and drawbacks that result from growing up in this unique context. Ultimately, this project serves as a creative proof of what is known about MK's in the academic field. My hope for the reader is that you find yourself invited into experiencing a new culture and perhaps even learn something new about yourself in the process.