Southern Baptist and Scientific Perspectives on Creation Science and Evolution




Threet, James Jr

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The evolution versus creation science debate is one that consistently gives both sides fits. This thesis sets about exploring that debate from a Southern Baptist perspective, as well as from the perspective of modern scientific thought. It begins by exploring what precisely is being explored; the pertinent history and background to these two competing ideas. From there, it transitions to exploring Southern Baptist history and theological convictions, and how those factor into an acceptance of creation science, and rejection of evolution. Following, the opposite side is looked at – what evidence leads scientists to accept evolution and reject creation science – and whether their stated reasons match their actions. Finally, it finishes by exploring one specific example of these ideas coming together – the Michael Polanyi Center at Baylor University. I will examine what factors brought the center to Baylor, why it failed, and what can be learned about the true nature of this debate from that incident.



Southern Baptists., Evolution., Intelligent Design.