Forbidden Salvation

Smith, Courtney
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Princess Ilenia’s beloved Sae kingdom is locked in war with the powerful Medean empire. When the dark elf Perilon arrives in the kingdom and kidnaps the Sae Queen and Medean King, Ilenia is forced to ally with her archenemy, the Medean Prince Hiatin, on a desperate quest to save their parents. Along with her shape-shifting companion, a young Prilix girl, and a dangerous dazpen, Ilenia and Hiatin traverse the continent in search of an elven diadem that may be the only way to defeat Perilon. Along the way, Ilenia and Hiatin struggle to reconcile their differences, jeopardizing the mission. In the end, Ilenia must come to terms with her own powers in order to finally triumph over the dark elf. Facing her own fears and failures, Ilenia overcomes her pride to save her mother, her kingdom, and the entire continent from destruction.

Creative Writing., Novel., Fantasy.