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  • Teaching Elementary Students Media Literacy Skills Using Animated Movies 

    Moses, Olivia (2019-05-24)
    Parents and family members alike have always shown concern for their children’s television and movie watching habits. Questions arise about the appropriateness and influence of content regarding these types of media. ...
  • Geospatial Analysis of Pediatric Surgical Need in Somaliland 

    Moody, Katelyn (2019-05-24)
    Global pediatric surgery has remained a neglected area of concern, despite the disproportionate health care burden surgical conditions cause on the already vulnerable pediatric populations living in low and middle-income ...
  • Where are the Wonder Women 

    Jurden, Elliet (2019-05-24)
    As superhero movies continue to grow in popularity, they also grow in the ability to leave drastic impacts on our collective culture. Because of this influence, it is important to consider how these movies portray different ...
  • A review and analysis of fault detection and attribution metrics in MSPC literature 

    Mansi, Gennie (2019-05-24)
    In multivariate statistical process monitoring, many methods have been developed for detecting faults and then attributing the cause of a fault to particular monitored variables. Consequently, a variety of metrics are used ...
  • The Monday Girls: An Original Screenplay 

    McCowan Perez, Ashlyn (2019-05-24)
    Downtown Chicago, 1985: a young girl from a broken home loses her identity and falls in love with rock ‘n’ roll. This thesis uses the medium of scriptwriting to explore how coming-of-age stories grapple with identity, ...

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