Welcoming Without Grumbling: Worshipful Hospitality and the Christian Life




Millhollin, Jordan

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In the Netherlands, an influx Muslim refugees has caused incredible strain as Christians struggle to respond to their new neighbors. This a familiar feeling around the world as many people often come face-to-face with strangers who hold religious and cultural beliefs that are far different than their own. However, even in the midst of these frightening and opposing realities, followers of Christ are still called to be hospitable. This thesis highlights the origins and evolution of hospitality in the political and theological life of the Church as well as the emphasis of hospitality in Jesus’ ministry. Using the Netherlands as a case study, it also examines several modern responses to hospitality and offers a case for the legitimacy of hospitality to mediate cultural and religious tension. Finally, it will conclude by upholding hospitality to the stranger as central to Christian worship.



Hospitality., Refugees., Political theology., Christian life., Immigrants.