South Asian Physician-Patient Interaction (SAPPI)

Khan, Maleeha
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This thesis looks at the relationship between South Asian physicians practicing in North America and the possibility of them having an implicit bias preferring South Asian patients as opposed to patients of other races. The first three chapters are literature reviews covering the concepts of the biopsychosocial model of thought, the difference in culture between Eastern societies and Western societies, and the level of cultural comfort for patients in South Asian societies and North American societies. The last chapter of this project will discuss the findings and results of the research done for this study over a randomized group of South Asian physicians who are currently practicing in North America. The goal is to determine if the South Asian physicians who participated in the study’s survey show any type of implicit bias that proves significant preference for other South Asian individuals as patients. Overall, the purpose of this research is to determine if South Asian physicians in North America have an implicit bias that shows a preference for patients with a similar race and/or ethnicity as them.

Race, Ethnicity, Bias, sociology, medicine, patient-physician interactions