Initial systematic investigations of the weakly coupled free fermionic heterotic string landscape statistics.




Renner, Timothy, 1984-

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A C++ framework was constructed with the explicit purpose of systematically generating string models using the Weakly Coupled Free Fermionic Heterotic String (WCFFHS) method. The software, optimized for speed, generality, and ease of use, has been used to conduct preliminary systematic investigations of WCFFHS vacua. Documentation for this framework is provided in the Appendix. After an introduction to theoretical and computational aspects of WCFFHS model build- ing, a study of ten-dimensional WCFFHS models is presented. Degeneracies among equivalent expressions of each of the known models are investigated and classified. A study of more phenomenologically realistic four-dimensional models based on the well known “NAHE” set is then presented, with statistics being reported on gauge content, matter representations, and space-time supersymmetries. The final study is a parallel to the NAHE study in which a variation of the NAHE set is systematically extended and examined statistically. Special attention is paid to models with “mirroring” — identical observable and hidden sector gauge groups and matter representations.



String theory., String phenomenology., Elementary particle physics.