Peripheral neuropathy and depressive symptomology : examining the association among persons with and without diabetes mellitus.


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Peripheral neuropathy (PN) symptoms among the general population are underappreciated. Physical symptoms of PN are known to significantly increase the risk of disability. However, less is known about the mental health impact that symptoms of PN have, especially among populations traditionally overlooked for being at risk for PN. This study aimed to examine the association between symptoms of PN and depression among persons with and without diabetes. Nearly 60% of our study population had symptoms of PN. Among those without diabetes, over half had symptoms of PN. Our analyses revealed that having symptoms of PN significantly increased the risk of having depression, independent of diabetes status. Clinicians should begin to consider PN-related symptoms as a common condition occurring among adult populations, regardless of diabetes status. Increasing screening practices using quick, non-invasive measures for PN may help capture at-risk patients who may benefit from mental health services and treatment.



Peripheral neuropathy. Depression. Association. Diabetes.