Soda pop art : caring for the artwork at the Dr. Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute.




Neel, Amanda.

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I spent the summer of 2018 interning as a member of the collections management staff at the Dr Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute in Waco, Texas. During the internship, I conducted an inventory of framed artwork housed at the museum, including artwork stored as part of a collection on repository. Much of the work involved in the inventory included cleaning artwork, developing a new storage arrangement for the artwork, updating condition reports and catalog records in Past Perfect, and reconciling unidentified objects to collections records. In addition to these responsibilities, I also completed other tasks related to various complications that arose during the inventory. This report explores the inventory work done, as well as other assignments completed during the internship.



Collections management., Museum collections., Collections care., Museum artwork., Artwork collections., Dr Pepper., Soda artwork.