Using a bioinformatics approach to identify genes that have possible candidacy of association with retinitis pigmentosa: GeneWeaver

Lie, Natasha
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Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) is a retinal degenerative disorder that affects about 1 in 3,000 people. The disease is genetic in cause, and currently there is no cure. The genetic cause of the disease may be contributed to one of several different genes, underscoring the complex genetic underpinnings of this disease. The information required to determine which genes are potentially causative for RP may exist, but it is difficult to determine which genes are most suitable for study because of the immense wealth and breadth of available information. In other words, large-scale heterogeneous species-specific data often obfuscates the true causative genetic background of RP. In this study we describe a method of identifying genes that may contribute to RP using the bioinformatics techniques of graph theory and database utilization. We report a potential ranked list of genes in which disruptions are likely causative of RP.

Genetic diseases., Genetics., GeneWeaver., Eye diseases., Retinitis pigmentosa., Retina., Eye., Bioinformatics., Convergent functional genomics., Graph theory., Rare diseases.