The Use of Non-Destructive Testing with High-Frequency Ultrasound on Curved Carbon Fiber Laminates




Heimsoth, Caleb

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Carbon fiber composites have continued to become more frequent in major industries such as Aerospace and Automotive, due to their high strength-to-weight ratios. Traditional destructive testing is not always applicable as it renders the part useless for its intended purpose. Therefore, non-destructive testing is necessary to keep the part in place for its intended application. Up to this point, non-destructive testing with high-frequency ultrasound has only occurred on flat composites. Due to the prevalence of curved composites in industry, this thesis focuses on using high-frequency ultrasound A-scan and C-scan techniques to perfect a procedure to scan a curved Carbon Fiber Composite. This thesis conveys this developed technique to scan a curved carbon fiber laminate using ultrasound A-scan and C-scan techniques and presents a study to convey its feasibility.



Mechanical Engineering, Non-Destructive Testing