Acute effects of dynamic and static stretch on the peak torque and ROM of the shoulder internal and external rotators.




Smart, Mary Megan.

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Purpose: The primary purpose was to determine whether or not static and/or dynamic stretch techniques affect the peak torque and average power of the shoulder rotators. A secondary purpose was to assess and compare range of motion after the two stretching techniques. Methods: Using a cross-over design, 16 recreationally active females (18-35 yrs) participated in three sessions (baseline, static stretch, dynamic stretch) separated by at least 48 hours. Each subject warmed-up for five minutes before being tested for peak torque and power measurements, using Biodex System 3 Isokinetic dynamometer with 5 repetitions at 60°/second and 180°/second, and range of motion with a standard universal goniometer was also measured. In sessions two and three, the participant performed either 3x15 repetitions of five dynamic stretches or 3x25 second holds of five static stretches between warm-up and testing. Subjects were randomized as to the order of stretch sessions. Results: No significant differences were found between stretch protocols.


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Dynamic and static stretch., Internal and external rotators., Peak torque and ROM of the shoulder.