The Innovation of McLennan County: Law Enforcement Approaches to Human Trafficking




Crites, Claire

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The aim of this thesis is to analyze traditional approaches to human trafficking and how these common approaches have been ultimately ineffective in responding to the crime of human trafficking. This is then contrasted with the innovative approach that McLennan County has adopted, which has led to McLennan County being ranked fourth in the United States for human trafficking arrests. The first chapter highlights ineffective yet historically common theoretical responses to human trafficking. These faulty approaches will later be contrasted to McLennan County’s policies to showcase their ineffectiveness. The second chapter then outlines the scope of the problem of human trafficking within McLennan County by providing population and demographic data. The third chapter proceeds to delineate the original and successful approach to human trafficking that McLennan County has adopted. This includes an analysis of the cultural climate these policies originated in and the success rate of these approaches. Finally, the fourth chapter discusses the law enforcement educational campaigns that have resulted from McLennan County’s effective response to human trafficking as well as improvements that can be made to McLennan County human trafficking policies.



Social Science, History