The (Re)emergence of eco-fascism : white-nationalism, sacrifice, and proto-fascism in the circulation of digital rhetoric in the ecological far-right.


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Environmentalism is no longer the sole domain of progressive and leftist politics. A recent uptick in violent outbursts by white nationalists espousing eco-fascist political beliefs indicates a troubling trend in environmental politics. Brenton Tarrant, the Christchurch shooter, and Patrick Crusius, the El Paso Shooter, explicitly utilized argumentative strategies taken from eco-fascist literature bases. The virality of a misanthropic Twitter thread sparked the largest discussion of eco-fascism ever. Fascists on the platform Telegram espouse the belief fascism is inherently natural. By studying the rhetorical techniques and appeals of eco-fascist digital rhetoric, this thesis adds to an emerging conversation regarding the (re)emergence of eco-fascism.



Eco-fascism. Digital rhetoric. White nationalism. Environmental rhetoric. Circulation studies.