Camp John Marc and the Partnership Model




Mair, Hugh

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Camping for children with chronic illnesses and physical challenges has become an established part of the industry with several different models of operation being created. Research has confirmed that camp experiences benefit the patients that participate in them, including an increase in their confidence and independence. In 1987, the process of creating Camp John Marc was started. Along with a new camp for this population, they created a new model of operating, the partnership model. It allows multiple groups to unite behind the common goal of serving the patient population that attends the camp. They partnered with community organizations and pediatric hospitals to best accomplish their mission. In designing a camp of this type, there are many considerations including location, facility design, activities, programming, personnel, and the diagnoses that are served. This project presents a profile of the development of Camp John Marc and the partnership model with attention to these considerations. It was put together to provide an overview of a model of operations and a history with which others in the industry can learn about and implement elements of partnership in their own camping programs.