Disruptively unorthodox : a qualitative exploration of the disruptive leadership paradigm of Christ as a model for marketplace organizations.




Stephens, Edward Houston, III

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The purpose of this study was to examine the disruptive leadership style of Jesus as a model of innovation which, if adapted by organizations in the marketplace, can potentially maintain their relevance and influence. By examining four core competencies located in Jesus’s leadership—communication, culture, contribution, and cultivation—this study explored both the organizational and spiritual implications of disruption as a form of leadership praxis. Using an historical, inductive review of the Christian scriptures, it demonstrates that disruptive leadership is as biblical a model as other leadership paradigms, and that it is most effective in democratic organizations where the ethos is not leader-centered but organizational-centered. Disruptive leadership depends on leaders who seek to answer the question, “In order to maintain our relevance and position, what do we need to change at any cost?” Therefore, organizations eager to position themselves as relevant and influential in the marketplace, given the ever-changing ethos of our global world, have much to gain using qualitative, case-study methodological research on Jesus’s disruptive leadership.



Disruptive leadership paradigm of Christ., Marketplace organizations., Communication., Culture., Contribution., Cultivation.