Communication in the aunt/adult niece dyad.

Berry, Mary Louise.
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The modern family system is truly being widened by research into the field of extended family. Within this expansion, the role of aunt has immerged as an important, yet understudied relationship. Extant research on aunting has been limited to the perspective of strictly the nieces and nephews involved, creating a one-sided representation of the aunt relationship. The current study examines the perspectives of both the aunt and niece, shedding light on the more mutually dependant nature of the relationship. Both aunt and niece make decisions that influence the relationship and together, these mutual choices help shape this unique family dyad. The aunting relationship has the potential to escape the constraints of both the parent and friend roles to develop a unique form of its own.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 22-23).
Communication in the family., Nieces -- Family relationships., Aunts -- Family relationships.