Conservative intervention through changing shoe type to reduce injury risk factors in walking and running.

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Running and walking are associated with various injuries. Because the injury mechanisms for these injuries are mechanical in nature, a logical way to conservatively reduce injury risk is by wearing shoes that alter the individual’s mechanics. This study is aimed at characterizing the effects that maximalist and minimalist shoes have on a fatigued runner, and interpreting how those effects may be beneficial or detrimental for running overuse injuries. Additionally, this study investigates the methodology of fatigue studies that utilize a treadmill and how its differences from over ground running may influence their results. Finally this study investigates which shoes may be best for preventing knee osteoarthritis progression in walking. Our findings suggest that different shoes may be beneficial and detrimental to different injuries, an acclimatization period should be included in fatigue studies, and there may be disadvantages to wearing maximalist shoes to reduce knee osteoarthritis progression.

Biomechanics. Motion Capture.