Journalism in the curriculum of Southern Baptist colleges and universities.


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This thesis is a study of the development and present status of journalism education within the thirty colleges and universities operated by the Southern Baptists. It includes a listing of the earliest courses in journalism offered in the various institutions and outlines the colleges which now give majors or minors in the subject as well as those still including journalism courses in the English department. A study is made of the current curriculums in journalism, noting the subjects which are fundamental and widespread and others which are made possible only by larger enrollments and faculties. Attention is also given to the methods of instruction, and in particular to the opportunities for practical experience offered to journalism students. A chapter is devoted to the study of journalism faculties, noting individual professorial rank, education, and experience. Because Baylor University's department of journalism is responsible for substantially one-half of all Southern Baptist journalism education, special consideration is given to its continual development.



Baptist universities and colleges. Journalism education. Journalism faculty.