A Public Health Proposal to Improve Management of Childhood Asthma




Sigman, Alena

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Asthma, the most common chronic disease in children, affects 12.7% of individuals under eighteen in the United States. Asthma causes airway constriction when certain triggers, such as mold or cat dander, are encountered. No cure exists for asthma, but proper management can significantly improve the quality of life of an affected individual. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for low-income individuals to maintain proper asthma care. This thesis examines potential methods for identifying children who might be struggling to manage asthma as well as interventions that have been attempted to improve asthma care in children. Chapter Four analyzes these interventions and proposes a comprehensive plan for improving asthma care, especially for children in low- income situations. This plan would engage school nurses, healthcare providers, and community health workers to ensure that children are receiving proper asthma care. Emergency departments and accountable care organizations might fund this plan because of its potential long-term financial benefit.



Asthma., Public health.