Memorable messages in anticipatory socialization : creating the professional identity.




Simek, Darby Renee.

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Memorable messages during the anticipatory socialization stage have been understudied in the field of communication. This study examined the role of memorable messages received by individuals as they create their professional identities during the anticipatory socialization stage. The content and function of a memorable message related to the professional identity were elicited from 239 college-enrolled participants. The results indicate that memorable messages do exist in the anticipatory stage of socialization. Further, the results suggest that the participants received messages most often in the home, via face-to-face communication, and from a male most notably their father. The results also show that the most frequently occurring memorable messages and message functions were associated with decisions of choosing a future career and constructing a positive professional persona.



Communication., Organization., Socialization., Anticipatory socialization., Identity theory., Memorable message., Professional identity.