Non-profit organizations' use of the internet to tell human interest stories: a content analysis of non-profit web sites.




Massar, Christen David.

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This thesis explored how non-profit organizations utilized the Internet to frame their causes through personal stories that illustrate the good works and acts of charity performed by the organization. A sample of 26 non-profit health charities' Web sites produced 344 "good works" stories that were coded. The study looked particularly at the prominence and prevalence of good works stories on the non-profit Web sites, as well as how the organizations incorporated other elements such as multimedia, calls to action and opportunities for the reader to participate. The findings indicate health charities do utilize their Web sites to prominently portray stories that illustrate the organizations' good works. However, there is great discrepancy in the extent to which these organizations present these stories. While a few organizations' Web sites provided model examples in the prominence, prevalence and synergy of good works stories, the majority did not utilize the medium to its fullest capacity.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 92-96).


Nonprofit organizations -- Marketing., Internet marketing., Nonprofit organizations -- Computer network resources., Online journalism.