Faculty religiosity and attitudes towards persons with disabilities.




Chen, David S., 1988-

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Previous research suggests that religiosity may influence attitudes towards outgroups. The present study investigated the effects of faculty religiosity on attitudes towards persons with disabilities at large, faith-based private university in the southwest United States. The central research question of the study was, "How does a faculty member’s religiosity affect their attitudes towards persons with disabilities?" Participants (N = 79) responded to an online survey that included the Attitudes Towards Disabled Persons scale (Form O) and a self-reported measure of general religiosity. A polychoric correlation was used to examine the relationship between faculty religiosity and attitudes towards people with disabilities. The analysis did not find a significant relationship at the α = .05 confidence level. ANOVAs were conducted to examine interactions between gender, age, academic discipline, and income level.



Religiosity., Faculty members., People with disabilities., Attitudes.