The ostracode Cypridopsis vidua: physiological response due to thermal stress.


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Upper temperature effects were measured on the mean oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, ingestion, assimilation, and egestion rates of the ostracode Cypridopsis vidua. to determine positive or negative effects of temperature stress. Oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production were near the literature reportings of the Class Ostracoda, with a linear increase with increasing temperatures. Respiratory Quotients were very low. Ingestion and assimilation rates were positively linearly related with temperature to 30C and 25C. respectively, above which each was negatively affected. Assimilation efficiency dropped from 70 percent at 15C to 16 percent at 35C. Ingestion and assimilation rates increased per mg biomass with decreasing size of organism. Active avoidance of 30 and 35C temperatures was observed.



Ostracoda, Carbon dioxide