Remember García : an analysis of the life, legacy, and leadership of Dr. Héctor P. García.


The present research paper examines the historical figure of Dr. Héctor P. García. I begin by examining the history of the Alamo from an unpopular perspective, the Mexican side. By explaining the lesser-known history of the Alamo, I analyze García’s similar situation. I, therefore, follow my introduction with a brief overview of the socio-historical climate of the twentieth century that allowed García to capitalize on the growing impatience of Mexican Americans and their unequal treatment in the U.S. I further explain through his biography how an immigrant from Llera, Tamaulipas was able to gain such prominence in the United States as an American hero. With data gathered from various primary and secondary sources, I establish that García is a true patriotic American who greatly impacted U.S. history as we know it today.