"Roll over Beethoven": the reaction of classical music recording divisions to the continuing emergence of a consumer culture in America between 1956 and 1982.




Babb, G. Kyle.

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As the musical world looks at decreasing sales of classical music recorded on solid media, alarm bells sound. Why is there such a disparity between sales of classical recordings and those of popular music? This study seeks to understand if the situation in today's record market is a result of actions taken by classical recording companies in the critical time period between 1956 and 1982. Profound cultural, as well as technological changes occurred during this time period, necessitating reaction by classical music recording labels. Highlighting these developments, this study seeks to determine the sufficiency of actions by American classical recording companies with the overarching goal of understanding whether or not the seeds for the present situation of classical records were sown in this era.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 115-122).


Sound recording industry --- United States., Music trade --- United States., Popular music and art music --- United States., Music -- Philosophy and aesthetics.