Linking onshore and offshore data to find seismogenic faults along the Eastern Malibu coastline.

Millard, Mark Alan.
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The Santa Monica Mountains form part of the structurally active southern edge of the Transverse Ranges Province. The purpose of this research is to identify and characterize potentially seismogenic faults in onshore and offshore portions of the Topanga 7.5’ Quadrangle using near-shore geophysical data, multibeam data, digital elevation models, earthquake focal mechanism solutions, and field work. Several faults, many of which are previously-unmapped, have been identified in the study area, and determined to be potentially seismogenic. Results show that active seismogenic faulting in the Santa Monica Mountains is not restricted to the Malibu Coast Fault Zone as previously hypothesized. The sub-bottom acoustic survey provides evidence for the continuity of the Potrero Canyon and Santa Monica Faults in the nearshore portion of the Santa Monica Bay. Seismo-lineaments projected into the Santa Monica Bay indicate that one or more faults identified in the offshore portion of the study area may be seismogenic.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 128-136).
Faults (Geology) --- California., Geology, Structural --- California., Santa Monica Mountains (Calif.), Geology --- California, Southern.