Detailed paleoclimatic records from late Pennsylvanian polygenetic paleosols : north-central Texas, USA.




Culbertson, Amos.

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Two Canyon Group (late-Pennsylvanian, Missourian) multistory, polygenetic paleosol intervals in north-central Texas, USA record complex paleoclimatic and paleohydrologic histories. Both paleosol intervals show evidence for initial development under well-drained conditions (illuviated clay, pedogenic calcite nodules, high-chroma matrix colors) and are overprinted by features that indicate poorer drained conditions (gley matrix colors, pedogenic siderite), however overprinting occurred through rapid transgression in one paleosol and gradual sea-level rise in the other. Reconstructed physical and wet chemical soil properties indicate these paleosols were finely textured, fertile, and void of salinity problems. Paleoatmospheric pCO₂ estimates from the δ¹³C values of pedogenic calcite nodules indicate values near pre-industrial levels (360ppmV), which are in agreement with previously published proxy and modeling results. This study shows that despite multiple episodes of overprinting, a detailed paleoclimatic and paleohydrologic history can be reconstructed from paleosols using careful macro and micromorphological observations.



Paleosols., Late Pennsylvanian., Paleoclimate., Central Texas., Paleohydrology.