The Revitalization of Elm Street

Mosser, Alexandra
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East Waco is a region of the City of Waco characterized by a somewhat rough history and a generally run-down atmosphere. Many Baylor students would be familiar with the area because of Lula Jane’s, a popular bakery in the heart of East Waco located on one of the central roads, Elm Street. This project is an extension of a class project done by the 2014-2015 Baylor B.E.S.T. class, a group of twenty-eight highly motivated upperclassmen from various disciplines within Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. In this project, the group researched, planned, and ultimately constructed a potential revitalization plan for the East Waco area, an area that financially lags behind other areas in Waco. This extension outlines in detail the research done, presents the final project and gives follow-up information on related happenings in East Waco that have occurred since the project was presented to parties involved in the future of business ventures in East Waco in December 2014.

Entrepreneurship, City Development