Effects of G-trainer, cycle ergometry, and stretching on physiological and performance markers of recovery from endurance exercise.




West, Amy D.

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The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness of 3 recovery treatments (AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, stationary cycling, and static stretching) on physiological and psychological markers of muscle fatigue and recovery following an acute bout of exhaustive exercise. In a cross-over design, twelve aerobically-trained males (21.25 ± 2.3 yrs, 72.05 ± 8.09 kg, 178.42 ± 6.27 cm) completed an 18.25 mile time trial performed by stationary cycling. Immediately following the endurance bout, participants completed 30 minutes of AlterG G-trainer or cycle ergometry (at ~40% VO2max) or static stretching exercises. A significant main effect for time was detected for lactate (p = 0.010) and cortisol (0.039) post-exercise. No other main effects for time,treatment or treatment by time interaction were identified. When compared to stationary cycling and static stretching, exercise performed on the AlterG G-trainer treadmill was unable to further reduce systemic markers of stress and inflammation, blood lactate, or improve anaerobic performance and/or psychological mood states following endurance exercise.


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Endurance exercise., Recovery from exercise., AlterG G-trainer.