Recovering provenance : historic preservation in Waco, 1953-1980.




Browning, Mark Robert.

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The means and methods of preservation and restoration are a part of a historic house’s history, and thus becomes an important part of its provenance. This thesis examines the background stories of the Historic Waco Foundation houses and the Earle-Harrison House in one essay. It considers the influence of historic precedents on a state and local level. It brings to the forefront major benefactors to preservation in Waco, some of whom were either absent or casually mentioned in earlier articles. It demonstrates how both the pilgrimage traditions and the governing structures that were established affect the operation of the houses today. Finally it documents how some of the organizations combined together to benefit from a new source of funding, and the results of that merger. Recommendations for future studies are made in the conclusion.


Includes bibliographical references (p. ).


Historic preservation., Waco preservation., G. H. Pape Foundation., Historic Waco Foundation., Waco Heritage Society.