Using Literature with Children and Families Impacted by Illness: A Resource Guide to Children's Literature




Bender, Elizabeth

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Child Life Specialists and other pediatric professionals use a range of children’s literature when working with children. Resources that provide a list of literature along with potential follow-up questions and activities to assist professionals working with children and their families encountering illnesses, however, are limited. This thesis compiles relevant children’s literature into a resource guide that uses Bloom’s Taxonomy to create potential follow-up questions and also provides follow-up activities. The literature detailed is divided into five categories: the hospital experience, the mental and physical health issues, the emotions and feelings, family dynamics, and dying and death. When used appropriately, children’s literature can assist individuals working with children facing illness in a variety of settings. These individuals may be ill themselves or may have friends or family members who are ill.



Understanding the Various Hospital Experiences of Children, Discussing Mental and Physical Health Issues of Children, Considering the Emotions and Feelings of Children, Regarding Family Dynamics of Children, Considering Death with Children