A case study of the Colonial Revival, collecting, and museum making in Texas.


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Miss Ima Hogg dedicated her life to creating a cultural and historical legacy in the state of Texas. An avid collector and patroness of the arts, she was responsible for the creation of three museums, each unique in purpose. This master's thesis discusses the life of Miss Hogg as the daughter of a legendary governor and as a philanthropist, but most particularly as the founder of three important museums. Hogg's interest in collecting art and antiques began in her youth and continued until her death at age ninety-three. The intent of this thesis is to demonstrate how her collecting progressed over several decades and to compare and contrast the Vamer-Hogg Plantation State Historic Site, Bayou Bend, and the Winedale Historical Center. Further, this thesis will analyze the evolution of her thinking about museums and evaluate the degree to which she reflected the expectation of her social class and the age in which she lived.



Hogg, Ima., Varner-Hogg Plantation State Historic Site., Bayou Bend., Winedale Historical Center., Museum studies., Museums in Texas.