Feminism, feminists, and faith : intersectional identities.


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This project explores the ways that feminism and Christianity have long been viewed as contradictory. The first section explores landmark feminist texts and argues that there has long been the assumption that Christianity and feminism are contradictory because of the way whiteness has shaped both institutions. The second section utilizes interviews and survey data to examine the ways people think about being a Christian woman and how the expectations of that right womanhood push or pull women towards or away from embracing feminism. And finally, the last section examines feminism explicitly with the same interview data, exploring the ways women think about the way feminism fits into their lives. This study complicates the way that scholars in sociology of religion and women’s and gender studies have wrestled with the question of Christian feminists and how this demographic may fit into the broader coalition of feminists.



Gender. Feminism. Religion. Christianity. Intersectionality. Race. Ethnicity.