Accuracy and Precision in Marker-based Motion Capture




Young, Vivian

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One of the biggest challenges in marker-based motion capture is maintaining accuracy and precision. The prominence of this issue is due to the common method of placing markers by hand, the reliance on anatomical landmarks, and soft tissue artifacts. The resulting error in the data translates kinematically, which may lead to faulty results and conclusions. However, accuracy and precision can be improved by determining an appropriate motion capture model to use, using marker placement devices, or by utilizing medical imaging. By compiling information from studies and literature in the motion capture field, this thesis provides an overview of sources of error and how to combat error in marker-based motion capture and may act as an introductory resource to these topics. In addition, this thesis presents preliminary validation testing that was performed on a marker replacement device.



Biomotion., Motion capture., Error., Kinematics., Validation testing.